Frequently Asked Questions

I am a Realtor with no staging experience; can I still use this application?

Although this application was designed for Home Stagers, there are times when a Realtor just needs to make a few suggestions. If you can walk into your seller’s home and know that a light fixture, flooring, or wall color is not going to appeal to buyers, you can definitely use the software. You can click through each checklist and this application will make suggestions for decluttering, maintenance and replacement fixtures or finishes that will appeal to the majority of buyers. You may not be able to use all features of the software such as furniture layouts or using some more unique wall colors or design, but you will be able to suggest some of the most obvious changes that will make the biggest impression on buyers. Many Realtors still hire a Home Stager for homes that need an extra boost. Go to our contact page for a list of Home Stagers in your area that use this application so your sellers are getting the most detailed advice possible.

I am an experienced Home Stager or Interior Designer and have very detailed thoughts about how I want spaces to look; is this software too generic for me?

Not at all! If the standard items within the software are not what you are looking for, you will have the option to customize each and every suggestion. You can even add photos or links to webpages that showcase the fixtures or finishes that you would like to suggest.

Will Home Sellers be able to find the fixtures or finishes that are suggested?

Yes! Most of the products and finishes that are standard in the application are available through well known home improvement and home decor stores, chosen specifically so that sellers can pick up or order products easily and quickly. You also have the option of adding items from retailers near you. The report will even provide current pricing and a website link for each of the standard items. As vendor stock or interior styles change, the standard products within the application will be updated by an interior designer who has in-depth knowledge of what buyers are looking for.

Do I need to have internet access?

Yes! To access the online program, you will need to have consistent internet access, either through your mobile service provider or through the homeowner’s Wi-Fi (spotty internet service could result in you losing some of the work you've done in a report). If you do not have mobile service on your device or there is no internet access at a client’s home, consider using a hotspot on your phone to connect your device or take notes and/or photos to complete the report later at your office and email it to them.

Are there any other tools that I should bring to the consultation?

Yes, it's always good to bring a paint deck, tape measure, and a camera. While you may be familiar with paint colors, it’s always good to look at the actual paint chip in the space. A tape measure is a must when you are suggesting drapery treatments or room layouts. Just in case you don’t have internet service and need to send them a report later, a camera is good for remembering all the details. You may also want to have a stylus for drawing floorplans on your tablet, a portable printer for your non-techy clients, and samples of flooring, countertops, tile, etc that are in the program (available to purchase from Home Depot).

I do not work in the US. Can I still use this application?

Possibly. The application was designed for users in the United States and therefore has pricing in US dollars as well as products that can be purchased at home improvement and home decor stores which may not be available in other countries. But sellers could purchase similar items at stores available in your area.

Why can't I print or email my report?

Reason #1: You only have a trial version of the application. You must be a paid user to use the print and email buttons. You can, however, preview the report with your client on your tablet or laptop and email it to them later after you've signed up for the paid version of the application. Reason #2: You have pop-ups blocked on your web browser. When you allow pop-ups from, you should be able to use these functions. Reason #3: (Error 510) You have uploaded a large amount of high resolution photos (please see the last question on this page, too). Either eliminate some photos or use a photo editing software to reduce the size of all photos significantly.

Why does it take so long to load when switching between rooms or tabs?

Reason #1: This usually means that there are some background programs running on your tablet or laptop. Close any unnecessary programs or delay updates and virus scans until after your report is done. Reason #2: It could be a slow internet connection. Try to connect to a more reliable wi-fi for faster speeds.

How long does it take to do a consultation report?

For experienced home stagers, it generally takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. If you or your client are a bit more chatty or the home is overwhelmingly dated or cluttered, this time could be extended. If you are a new home stager, expect to spend a bit more time for your first few consultations.

How do I add photos of the rooms?

We highly suggest that you DO NOT add photos of the rooms. The homeowner can take your report and actually go into that room and see what you are recommending they do. The photos only make the report longer and more overwhelming to the client. However, if you feel you must add photos of the rooms, click through the update tree to find any "Add New" button. Click the box and you will be able to add a jpeg from your computer along with your comments and a website link if needed.